Local Winston-Salem Difference Makers-Aubrey Linville

Aubrey Linville was born in Rockville, MD, before he moved to Winston-Salem for fourth grade. Linville and his wife, Holli, have two children, Grayson and Preston. In 2012, he joined with Coleman Team to form Linville Team Partners (Firm Website), a commercial real estate firm located on Fourth St. in downtown Winston-Salem.

After graduating from North Carolina State, Linville began his work in real estate at RAL Properties. He also worked for four years at the Meridian Realty Group, Inc., before venturing out with Team to found their successful firm. Linville also recently co-founded with Team, a private equity real estate investment fund, Front Street Capital.

For the past decade, the Linville’s have dedicated their lives to the memory of their son, A.J. Linville, with the A.J. Linville Foundation. A.J. was born on March 9, 2004 and lived twenty happy months with his parents, before he passed away in a tragic accident. Through a golf tournament and the Angels Race Triathlon, the family has raised $275,000 with one-hundred percent of the donations going back to charities. Every year, the foundation is able to gift prosthetics and equipment to three to four children.

Soon after the foundation was formed, the Linville’s were able enough to raise enough money to build a playground for the Ronald McDonald House. The foundation has helped the family keep an important connection with A.J.


What made you want to get involved in real estate?
Commercial real estate was always an important part of my dad’s company, Adventure Entertainment. When I was at N.C. State, I started my first company called National Junior Golf Club. I sold this company four or five years later and started flipping residential houses and small commercial properties. Just as we were heading into the Great Recession John Ruffin, who is one of my all-time favorites, hired me at Meridian. My first year there, I wasn’t able to close a deal. The second year I closed a couple, but then it took off from there. I am really passionate about the art of the deal of real estate, reconnecting with people, and helping small businesses and investors through the entire process. Commercial real estate makes me tick!

Could you ever imagine leaving Winston and if so, where would you go?
I may be one of the most passionate people about Winston-Salem. Most of my family and extended family live here, so it would be hard to leave. I am also heavily invested in my companies and the relationships I have through them, so I will never leave here. I love Winston, but I do feel I had a calling to go out west and live in the Rocky Mountains.

What is your favorite part about working downtown in Winston-Salem?
My favorite reason for working downtown is being involved in many significant projects that have helped change downtown. I used to ride my bike downtown from my house on Runnymede and there was nothing down here except Recreation Billiards and the Stevens Center. Now my company gets to work on projects like Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, BB&T Ballpark, the Wells Fargo Tower, Texas Pete in the Nash Building, and our building here on Fourth Street.

Which Winston-Salem/Clemmons neighborhoods have you lived in?
On my move from Rockville to Winston, my parents actually dropped me off at Camp Seagull for a month. So their first month in Winston, I didn’t live here. We lived on Watson in Ardmore, while they built their house on Runnymede.
I married Holli my senior year of college, and we lived back in the house on Runnymede for a couple years. Our first house together was on Wiley Avenue in Buena Vista, before we moved to Clemmons.

What different schools did you go to?
I went to Summit from fourth through ninth. Then I went to Reynolds for high school.


What are your top three Winston-Salem restaurants of all time?
Not many people will know my number one, but it is La Perlita on Waughtown Street. My dad and I were out one day visiting where he grew up, and we ran across this tiny Mexican restaurant. I have loved it ever since. I am also a big fan of the original Ronnie’s in Clemmons and Milner’s on Stratford Road.

What is your favorite nickname of our minor league baseball team: Spirits, Warthogs, or Dash?
The Dash. I do have to say that I have a lot of memories of when the Warthogs used to play at Ernie Shore Field. I was a regular at Thirsty Thursdays there.

Are you more of a Hanes Mall or Thruway fan?
I don’t like shopping, but I avoid Hanes Mall at all costs. I am a huge fan of Great Outdoor Provisions, so definitely Thruway.

Where is your favorite day trip outside of Winston?
The Wilson Creek area in Pisgah National Forrest. It is about two hours away and is just north of Morganton. I love to fly fish and it is hatchery supported water.


If you were on a stranded island and could just have one breakfast for the rest of your life, which would you choose: Moravian Sugar Cake, Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuit, Krispy Kreme Hot and Now Doughnut?
That is a hard one, but I would go with Moravian Sugar Cake.

What is your favorite North Carolina Beach?
I actually haven’t spent a lot of time at North Carolina beaches. I lived in Wilmington for a while, so I am very familiar with the beaches there. We have a camper and we like to go to the North Myrtle area.

What was your favorite concert at the original Ziggy’s (Baity Street)?
That is a long list. I spent a lot of late nights in that place. Some notable shows would be when we walked there to see Dave Matthews in an ice storm. I saw Kenny Chesney there for a relief show. The electricity went out when I was at a Leftover Salmon show, and they performed under candlelight. I also saw Blues Traveler and The Black Crowes at Ziggy’s.


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