Jay Callahan enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and their two children, McKinley (7) and Hudson (4). The two were married in October of 2008. They have a Golden Retriever (Owen) and a beagle mix (Crosby), and two cats (Flo and Mittens). In 2013, he published his first novel, Collisions.

He currently is the driver of the man van. A charity he runs to give back to his hometown, Winston-Salem, NC.

Callahan has been the head soccer coach of Salem College, a NCAA Division III program, for twelve years. He has led the Salem soccer program to 9 straight seasons with at least 10 wins. He is the 29th winningest coach in the country and has won conference coach of the year honors six times in his twelve years.

After his first-team went 1-15, Callahan has led the Spirits to a 154-43-9 record during the past nine seasons for a winning percentage of 77%. Under Callahan’s guidance, Salem College won six straight regular season titles.

Callahan graduated from West Virginia University in 2002 with a B.S. in Journalism. He also has his Master’s Degree in Education.

For his first five years out of college, he worked in local autistic programs and as a teacher.


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