Letters from Dad: Hudson’s 3rd Birthday

Dear Hudson,

Don’t ever change! You will always be a super hero to me.


Two was an excellent year for you and great things are to come this upcoming year. I look forward to taking you to your first baseball game and on our first fishing and camping trip together. We still don’t know where your blonde hair came from, but we know you can’t be the milkman’s son because you have “The Callahan Gigantic Head.” I wanted to share with you things that you do at this age that make me very proud to be your dad.

My Favorite Things about You on his third Birthday:

Pretty regularly, you come down to our room somewhere between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. I don’t care though at all, because I know you wake up scared. I know that when you walk down the dark hallway, you are still scared. I know that when you get to my side of the bed and see that I am there, you aren’t scared anymore. That is why I throw you in bed between us and let you sleep in our bed the rest of the night. I am thrilled that I provide that sense of safety for you, and want you to know I will always be here to protect you.



You think your sister is the greatest person alive and you want to be just like her. There will be times in your life where this will change. In fact, we catch you pulling her hair quite a bit already. But you are lost when she is gone, and there is nobody you would rather play with at this age.



The carpenter trait must have passed me over, because you are all about working with tools. When Poppy finished our basement this year, you were always down there helping him. I always have you by my side when I am doing yard work too.


You are fearless. When your sister jumps off the second step to the floor, you go for the third step. There is no water that scares you, but you scare your mom and dad when you get around water! I think the only thing I have seen you scared of so far is bee’s. Hopefully you get some of your sister’s caution as you get older, otherwise, you will keep your parents up late at night worrying about you when you are a teenager.


When you want me to sleep in your bed at night, it is very easy to tell when you are ready to fall asleep. After we read one of your favorite books like The Hungry Caterpillar or The Alligator Under the Bed or Little Blue Truck, you always ask for one more. After that discussion, you rub on your ear for a bit and then you let out one massive yawn. Within seconds after that yawn, you are fast asleep. Every night, you go through the same routine!


You are a dog guy just like your old man. If you walk into a room and there is a dog there, you book it straight over to give that dog a pet. Keep loving dogs, because they will always be there for you.

You are a candy and sweet-a-holic, which you get from your mom. You like to sneak around the house and find any piece of candy, cake, or cookie that you can and you aren’t scared to shove it down your throat when nobody is looking. You make it a regular habit to push kitchen chairs over to climb up to the high cabinets to look for candy, we try our hardest to hide from you.

You are a dancing machine. You get all of your moves from your mom, because I sure don’t have any. We went to a wedding last summer, and you literally didn’t leave the dance floor, ever! You love having family dance parties after dinner and your favorite song is Hey Mickey You’re So Fine, because you think it is about Mickey Mouse.


You love cars and trucks. Anything with Blaze and The Monster Machines on it is your favorite. You also love your light up shoes and your cowboy boots. You are a complete dirtball. We honestly try to bath you frequently, but it really doesn’t matter because you are dirty again very soon. When it rains, you are immediately on the lookout for puddles to splash in. You love anything green. The problem is that you think red is green, and we aren’t sure if you are color blind or you will grow out of that one. So we really don’t know if red or green is your favorite.


Things in this world aren’t perfect, but my life is perfect when I am with you and our family and friends. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, little buddy.

Your Dad

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