Winston’s Own Batman-Wings Over Winston

Did you know that we have our very own Batman in Winston-Salem? A man whose aerial photography flies over Winston landmarks capturing exquisite images from unseen heights of everything great about our city. Our caped crusader flies through the air snapping his photos to put on the #WingsOverWinston Instagram page.


Just like Bruce Wayne, our version does not want to be known by the people of Winston-Salem more than just by his first name Brad, so we will refer to him as Bradman for this post. Just like Gothamites, Winston-Salemites never can expect when he could be hovering overhead ready to snap a shot. Bradman has a job in Downtown Winston and a family and kids, but at the drop of a dime he could turn into our Dark Knight and lift-off to capture a new image. “My wife is excited about this concept and has been very supportive and the kids love seeing interesting angles of Winston’s wonders. They will grow up with an appreciation of the industries and individuals who built this city.”

“The whole point of #WingsOverWinston (#WOW) is to reflect on Winston’s extensive history, while sharing images from new viewpoints,” said the Bradman during our secret meeting at a local Winston watering hole. “My goal is to make people happy about Winston and where the city is today! Most people are familiar with Downtown Winston’s exciting transformation, but the city as a whole is really progressive and I hope to share neighborhoods of Winston-Salem with my audience.”

One day he was flying around his neighborhood, when he realized that aerial views of trees and roofs were just boring. That was the point that he decided to take his act to the next level.  He started an Instagram account, got a license from the FAA, and within two months, #WingsOverWinston ( has over 2,400 followers and daily request for aerial photography work. The Bradman said, “it really surprised me how the community has embraced this concept. I can’t even respond to all of the requests I get for fly-overs.”

He likes to help promote Winston-Salem events, too. For instance, if you were at the past “Second Sundays on Fourth,” you might have seen him hovering above in the sunny sky. Prior to the next “Second Sunday” event he plans to put up a promotional post on #WingsOverWinston. “Promoting local events and local businesses is just a small thing I can do to support the sense of community that’s already ultra-present in Winston. Of course, it helps to have a large following, so spread the word! Local businesses have been great about re-posting some of my photographs and giving credit.”

“I am intrigued by the history around town,” said the Bradman. “This is a good forum to spread that knowledge, too. I hope to keep #WingsOverWinston hyper-local and meaningful to the Winston-Salem community.” Bradman not only posts his pictures and videos on Instagram, but he also gives a brief description of the history of each photograph’s subject. He spends an hour every day researching the history of each feature. You never know if you will see the Bradman flying through the bridge of Old Salem (hint hint) or near you one day; keep your eye on the sky over Winston!

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